McDonald’s Wants to Be An Influence in Your Kid’s School


Would you want McDonald’s influencing your kids even more?

McDonald’s is in trouble. Over the past seven months, sales have taken a nose dive, and earlier this year we reported that Americans simply aren’t eating McDonald’s anymore, as people turn to ostensibly healthier chains like Chipotle or Panera. According to CBS, in a conference call, the McDonald’s U.S. president has alluded to tapping into a venue that families do trust (since they don’t seem to trust the drive-thru anymore): schools. No, your kid won’t be getting Big Macs on their lunch tray, but McDonald’s is looking to sponsor, fund, and support local schools.

"We start with mom and we will be helping her to feel great about McDonald's — whether it's McTeacher's Nights, sponsoring kids’ sports, [or] being a visible partner in local initiatives,” McDonald’s president Jeff Stratton told CBS Money Watch.

Another recent change in that direction has been the introduction of clementines as a side for kids’ Happy Meals. The point, according to MoneyWatch, would be to give McDonald’s the appearance of healthfulness, and that of an important partner in childhood nutrition. 


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