McDonald’s Trademarks ‘Signature Crafted’

Though the term has been trademarked, it is not clear what McDonald’s will use it for
McDonald's Burger

Flickr / ciron810 / CC BY 4.0

‘Signature Crafted’ joins ‘Chef Crafted’ and ‘Taste Crafted’ as terms used to describe customizable burgers.

McDonald’s filed a federal trademark registration for the term ‘Signature Crafted’ on December 9, according to The Huffington Post. It is still unclear as to what McDonald’s plans to use this term for, but as The Huffington Post points out, the chain trademarks many terms without necessarily using them. ‘Signature Crafted’ joins ‘Chef Crafted’ and ‘Taste Crafted’ as available terms for McDonald’s to describe upscale burgers on its menu, as well as many other offerings both in the United States and overseas that bear the word ‘Signature’ to describe a menu item.

‘Taste Crafted’ was used by the chain in April 2015 for a customization platform tested by the Central Coast of California co-op. Diners had the choice of beef or grilled or fried chicken, one of three different buns, and one of four toppings packages. ‘Chef Crafted Flavors’ was the name given to a similar program tested in San Diego in September, which only differed by the topping packages offered.

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Finally, in December, McDonald’s extended testing of the customization platform to 600 restaurants across Southern California, reverting to ‘Taste Crafted.’ The Huffington Post speculates that McDonald’s could be using ‘Signature Crafted’ as the final term for this customization platform if it is launched nationally, as to avoid any confusion.