McDonald’s Is Testing Out Table Service in the Latest Effort to Combat Falling Sales


“Waiter, may I have fries with that?”

Over the past year, McDonald’s has attempted to boost sliding revenue with menu tweaks and gimmicks like lettuce wrap burgers, an upscale Restaurant M pop-up, and a customizable burger program. McDonalds’ latest attempt to reclaim the fast food crown is table service.McD’s will test out table service at select locations around the United States and one in the U.K. after favorable reviews from a trial run in France and Germany.

Customers will be able to order their (fully customized) food from a kiosk, then wait at their table for a McServer to bring over their Big Mac and fries. McDonald’s said in a statement that the new table service option is part of the company’s effort to "significantly invest in... restaurants to create an exciting new environment and improve the customer experience,” according to CNN Money.  

Although this is just a test phase in America, McDonald’s has committed to implementing table service in all 1,250 locations in the U.K. in the coming years.


This is just one of the many changes implemented by the McDonald’s new CEO, Steve Easterbrook, who promised to revamp the familiar menu at the largest fast food chain in the world. Next on the menu could be kale.