McDonald’s Is Testing Fancy-Flavored Burgers

McDonald’s is testing three new burgers as part of their chef-crafted flavors campaign

Check out McDonald’s new pico guacamole chicken sandwich and buffalo bacon burger.

McDonald’s first tested all-day breakfast in San Diego, and now they are testing a batch of three “chef-crafted flavors” of gourmet burgers, too.

The three flavors include buffalo bacon, pico guacamole, and maple bacon Dijon. Customers can create their own burgers with either a beef patty, grilled chicken, or buttermilk crispy chicken patty. McDonald’s is even currently testing out ground chicken burgers in Tampa, Florida.

The buffalo bacon burger has a creamy blue cheese sauce, blue cheese crumbles, buffalo sauce, Applewood-smoked bacon, tomato, and shredded lettuce. The pico guacamole burger features pico de gallo, guac, ranch dressing, white Cheddar, and lettuce. Lastly, the  maple bacon Dijon burger is topped with grilled onions, honey Dijon sauce, maple-seasoned bacon, white Cheddar, and lettuce.


These burgers can also be customized by adding bacon or guacamole or asking for guacamole or pico de gallo on the side. The pico guacamole costs $4.99, maple bacon Dijon costs $5.19, and buffalo bacon is $5.29. McDonald’s also has a Create Your Taste program in Southern California, where you can customize your burgers using tablets, so it seems that this pick-and-choose approach is working for them.