McDonald’s Rolls Out a ‘2 for $2’ Promotion to Compete with Fast Food Rivals

McDonald’s is implementing a new limited promotion that will allow customers to buy two menu items for $2

Is this the future of the dollar menu?

Fast food giants are vying for your attention. They’ve tried offering premium food options like artisan burgers, promising healthier menus (with the elimination of soft drinks from kids’ menus), and now they’re going for the value approach.

Burger King offers a five-item meal for $4, while Wendy’s has a similar 4 for $4 meal deal. McDonald’s is also getting in on the competition by announcing a McPick 2 for $2 promotion, which will allow customers to pick two items from a list of options like a McDouble, mozzarella sticks, small fries, and more for $2. Mozzarella sticks are officially being added to the menu nationwide after a successful test run in New York.

“We think it will be able to serve this customer group that hasn’t felt like they’ve gotten everything they wanted in that choice and flexibility they are looking for," McDonald's chief marketing officer Deborah Wahl said in a press statement. The new McPick 2 for $2 deal was inspired by the rousing success of the all-day breakfast addition. “What we learned from all-day breakfast is that when we listen to customers, they do reward us.”


McDonald’s got rid of its famous dollar menu in 2012. Could this new deal transform into a permanent dollar meal 2.0? Although the McPick 2 for $2 is only available during the month of January, McDonald’s representatives hinted that the promotion has “long-term potential.”