McDonald’s to Remove Eight Items from Menu in Favor of Faster Service

McDonald’s will remove eight items from its menu in early 2015, though the specific items have not been announced

The fast food giant will trim its menu in order to offer faster customer service. 

McDonald’s will remove eight items from its menu in January 2015 to increase service speed, reports CNBC. So far, the company has not revealed which eight menu items will go, but it is also expected to reduce the number of extra value meals from 16 to 11.

Earlier this year, the company announced that after 2013 turned into a year of failed, short-term menu innovation, it would return focus to its classic menu staples.

Global sales for the fast-food giant have been on the decline for some time, particularly within the United States.

During an investor meeting on Wednesday, December 10, a spokesperson for McDonald’s said that, for example, “the company could reduce its number of quarter pounders with cheese to one from four, premium chicken sandwiches to one from three, and snack wraps to one from three,” according to CNBC.


McDonald’s is reportedly already testing the smaller menu in Little Rock, Ark.; Waco, Texas; Bakersfield, Calif.; Delaware; Macon, Ga.; and Knoxville, Tenn.