McDonald’s Mexico Claims Patron Planted Mouse Head in Their Burger; Plans to Sue

McDonald’s does not take responsibility for mouse head in burger and plans to sue the patron responsible for libel and slander
This is a game of Mac and mouse.


This is a game of Mac and mouse.

One rodent has been causing a ruckus at a McDonald’s in Mexico, where a mouse head found in a burger caused the fast food restaurant to be shut down by the health department.

McDonald’s has not claimed ownership to the disgusting discovery, and instead said that the unwanted burger topping had been planted by an outsider. McDonald’s Mexico is launching an investigation to find the alleged perpetrator and will pursue legal action against the slanderous instigator.

Mexico’s health department, The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk, has confirmed that the mouse was not a part of the burger and was not placed during the cooking process.

In a statement distributed on social media, McDonald’s called the incident a “serious attack against the [restaurant’s] image.”

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The dead mouse scandal occurred on November 9, at a restaurant in Tlalnepantla, north of Mexico City, when a customer complained about finding the dead mouse. The branch was closed for more than two weeks, and has since reopened.