McDonald’s May Have Rejected Burger King’s McWhopper Proposal, but Denny’s Wants In

Denny’s has responded to Burger King, saying they’d totally be willing to make a collaborative burger

Denny’s really doesn’t want to be left out of the fast food fun.

The Internet collectively booed McDonald’s for their refusal to participate in the ultimate McWhopper burger.They could have been heroes just for one day, but as it turns out, Denny’s is willing to step up to the plate with their peace burger — an as-yet-theoretical Whopper-Slamburger hybrid — and have taken out full-page ads in The New York Times and USA Today to woo the larger fast food franchise into making their hybrid dreams a reality.

They tweeted out, “Hey @BurgerKing, we love the idea of a peace burger. We’re just not sure what to call this thing. Any ideas?”

Although Burger King has not yet responded, Denny’s has come up with plenty of ideas for their beefy peace offering, which would combine a Whopper with Denny’s eggs, bacon, and hash browns — a breakfast burger we could definitely get our mouths behind.


They may need to work on their naming skills.