McDonald’s Manager Arrested for Nearly $4000 Big Mac Scam

A manager at a Wisconsin McDonald’s was arrested for issuing fake refunds on Big Macs that were never actually enacted

The Hamburglar returns.

One McDonald’s worker has been caught red-handed under the Golden Arches. Mary Ruelle, a manager at a Greenfield, Wisconsin, McDonald’s, was arrested for pulling a $4,000 Big Mac refund scam.

Ruelle has been accused of stealing thousands from mid-January to March 24 by selecting items sold that day and manually overriding the purchases using a “Big Mac refund” even though no refund had actually been issued — that way, she could pocket the cash herself. In total, $3,827.17, or about 1,071 Big Macs, was stolen, according to Fox News.

Ruelle was eventually caught by the store’s surveillance footage after her supervisor noticed large amounts of refunds were coming in and something was just not adding up. Some refunds were totaling more than $200. Ruelle’s supervisor confirmed with police that she was pocketing the money while no customers were present.


If convicted, this not-so-bright Hamburglar could face up to 18 months in prison, or about $10,000 in fines.