McDonald's Launches Limited-Edition, Old Bay-Spiced Filet-O-Fish Sandwich At Select Locations

Beginning February 16, McDonald's will offer an official Old Bay seasoning-spiced version of the Filet-O-Fish sandwich. 

According to Baltimore Magazine, the menu item was created by Baltimore McDonald's franchise owner Mark Furr, who was in the process of testing out the combination of Old Bay seasoning with a variety of menu items.

To no one's surprise, Old Bay paired best with the only seafood item on McDonald's permanent menu.

Interestingly, the Filet-O-Fish itself was the invention of an Ohio McDonald's franchise operator who needed to save his business.

"It makes perfect sense to spice up the Filet-O-Fish with Old Bay, especially around the Mid-Atlantic," Baltimore-based food writer and culinary ambassador John Shields told Baltimore Magazine. "McDonalds tried going locavore a number of years ago on the Eastern Shore with the addition of a crab-cake sandwich. Not so good, and it didn't last long. But Old Bay and Filet-O-Fish? How could it go wrong?"

The Old Bay Filet-O-Fish, or "fish filet" as it's known by anyone who's ever had to order the item out loud, will be available as of February 16 at more than 700 participating McDonald's along the East Coast, including Baltimore, Washington, D.C.; Virginia, Delaware, and West Virginia.