McDonald’s in Japan Introduces Two Fancy Cakes to McCafe by Barista

Sachertorte and Chocolat Zuccotto join the ranks of other existing sweet offerings

The two cakes round out an eventful year for McDonald’s Japan.

McDonald’s Japan closes out its eventful year of food launches, including McNugget buckets and anko pies, with two new cakes: Sachertorte and Chocolat Zuccotto, according to Rocket News 24.

The Sachertorte, an Austrian cake known for its deep chocolate flavor, for McDonald’s takes the form of layers of chocolate sponge cake soaked with chocolate sauce, all coated in a dark chocolate icing. It is being offered for a limited time only, through mid-January 2016 and is being sold for 300 yen ($2.97 US).

The Chocolat Zuccotto, a permanent addition to McCafe by Barista, is an Italian dessert consisting of a mixture of almonds and chocolate chips in a cream, all encased in a chocolate sponge cake dome. It is being sold for 320 yen ($2.64 US).

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Initial response to the cakes has been positive overall. One customer says, “This quality at this price… Awesome!” Another says, “The McCafe new cake Chocolat Zuccotto is freaking good.”