McDonald’s Has Invented a Big Mac ATM

A McDonald’s vending machine dispensed cheeseburgers for one day to lucky fast-food fans in Boston

First it was cupcakes and pizza, and now this: The age of ultra-convenience is here.

In an effort to promote its new Big Mac sizes, McDonald’s has invented a vending machine that dispenses Big Macs. The cheeseburger ATM made an appearance outside a McDonald’s in Boston’s Kenmore Square and dispensed free burgers to fans between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Tuesday.

Of course, this was almost entirely a marketing ploy. Customers lined up, gave their email addresses and Twitter handled, and receive personalized tweets about the experience before they were given a free burger in either the new Mac Jr. or Grand Mac sizes. There are unfortunately no plans to take this idea global, even though a Big Mac ATM outside every McDonald’s would make satisfying fast-food cravings a lot easier.


This isn’t the first big promotion McDonald’s has implemented this year. Just last week, it gave out 10,000 bottles of special sauce — the first time in American Golden Arches history.