McDonald’s Goes Healthy, Tests Greek Yogurt, Kale Bowls in California

McDonald’s is trying to appeal to health-conscious Californians with low-carb breakfast bowls and yogurt offerings

McDonald’s is shying away from the Egg McMuffin sandwich with these lighter options.

McDonald’s may be the new king of all-day breakfast, but no one ever accused the place of offering healthy morning options. That’s about to change.

Enter the new low-carb breakfast bowls being tested right now in California markets: An egg white and turkey sausage bowl with spinach and kale (250 calories), and a scrambled egg and chorizo bowl with hash browns, salsa and pico de gallo (460 calories), according to Fortune.Both will be offered for under $5. Additionally, McDonald’s will offer lower-calorie Chobani Greek yogurt in parfaits and smoothies.

According to a McDonald’s spokesperson, the menu is being customized to “California tastes” but will likely reflect a wider nationwide menu later this year.

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We first got word of McDonald’s new kale-tastic healthier options last May. The fast food giant has slowly been testing out low-carb breakfast options as part of an attempt to revamp its image.