McDonald’s and Tyson Drop Chicken Supplier After Horrific Abuse Video Is Revealed

A disturbing video of farm workers beating chickens with clubs surfaced recently, and McDonald’s is cutting ties

Wikimedia: Crusier

More and more videos that document such abuse have been uncovered in recent years.

Both McDonald’s and its supplier Tyson are cutting ties with a chicken farm that has been linked to animal abuse. The advocacy group Mercy for Animals published a video purporting to show the practices at T&S farm in Tennessee. The horrific footage shows workers beating chickens with spiky clubs and standing on the animals’ bodies to break their necks instead of slaughtering them in a traditional humane fashion.The farm is contracted by Tyson Foods, which supplies chicken to McDonald’s and other large fast food companies.

In response, both Tyson and McDonald’s have cut ties to the farm, and have reaffirmed their stance on animal welfare.

"We’re working with Tyson Foods to further investigate this situation and reinforce our expectations around animal health and welfare at the farm level," McDonald’s representatives said in a statement. "We’re committed to working with animal welfare and industry experts to inform our policies that promote better management, strong employee education and verification of practices.”


This is one of many graphic, disturbing undercover videos released by Mercy for Animals. In recent years, they have also uncovered abuse at other Tyson chicken farms, as well as the dairy farm associated with Leprino Foods, the largest mozzarella distributor in America.