McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Comes to Australia

Aussies can now enjoy their favorite Macca’s brekkie menu items
McDonald's Breakfast

Flickr / jen / CC BY 4.0

Too good to be true? All-day breakfast brings new challenges to McDonald’s franchises.

Spotted in Australia: jafflechutes bearing bacon and egg McMuffins floating down to customers at the Melbourne Elizabeth Street McDonalds in celebration of the rollout of all-day breakfast at McDonald's. McDonald's is launching their all-day breakfast across Australia, with stores in Victoria and Tasmania already implementing the change and others following suit.

Positive consumer trials have resulted in this nationwide rollout. Chief marketing officer Mark Lollback says, “We know Aussies love our brekkie menu and have long wanted to be able to enjoy it at any time of day.”

Franchises in other parts of the world, however, have not been “lovin’” the shift to all-day breakfast. Slower service, lowered average bills, and general chaos in the kitchens have become cause for concern. One franchise said, “All-day breakfast is a non-starter. We are trading customers down from regular menu to lower-priced items. Not generating new traffic.”

Machines specifically used for breakfast items now have to remain in the kitchen rather than be put away for the lunch and dinner hours. Grill temperatures vary depending on whether breakfast or lunch menu items need to be cooked and changing the temperature of the grill requires a reset, requiring even more time to complete customer orders.


Despite these concerns, a spokesperson tells, “Our Australian franchisees are supportive of the launch of all-day breakfast. It’s been received well by both our customers and restaurants in our trial markets. As we do with all new initiatives, we have trained our crew to ensure there is minimal impact to the speed of service and restaurant operations.”