Mars Chocolate To Release Healthy Snack Squares This August

Mars Chocolate will roll out healthy sweet snacks around the country this August, according to a press release.

Mars was the first chocolate manufacturer to release single-serve products under 250 calories, and now they will launch goodnessknows snack squares nationwide in an effort to join the healthy snack bandwagon.

Goodnessknows snack squares are 150 calories and are made with real fruit, dark chocolate, and whole nuts. They contain no high-fructose corn syrup or artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Crispy M&Ms, which recently returned to shelves, are another one of Mars Chocolate's healthier options at 180 calories.

This is part of Mars Chocolate's recent focus on innovation in their product line. The company will invest $100 million in its new 90,000-square-foot facility in Topeka, Kansas, which opened in 2014. A total of $430 million has been invested to the facility.

Goodnessknows Snack Squares were first sold at stores in Boulder and Denver, Colorado, back in 2010. In August, they will be available in stores and online.