Marco Rubio Won't Let A Cracked Molar Stop Him From Campaigning

Though the campaign trail can get messy, Florida senator and presidential candidate, Marco Rubio, probably wasn't anticipating this. On Wednesday Rubio cracked a molar while snacking on a Twix bar, according to The Wall Street Journal. Rubio says, "I just bit into a Twix bar and I go, 'Man this Twix bar's got something really hard in it.' And I go, 'Oh my gosh, I cracked my tooth.'" Sean Sullivan of Washington Post later reveals that the Twix bar Rubio bit into was frozen.

Rubio assured reporters that the injury was not painful, and that he visited a dentist Thursday morning for a temporary fix and is intending on getting a permanent replacement from his regular dentist when he returns home to Miami. The senator was seen eating blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup at a Cracker Barrel the next morning, following the dentist's orders of sticking to soft foods.

Making light of the incident, Rubio says, "I think I'm getting old, man."