Man Who Was Wrongfully Imprisoned for 36 Years Asks for Bacon Cheeseburger Upon Release

Sorry, but you’ll probably cry

We cannot even imagine how incredible that burger tasted. 

Imagine how incredible a bacon cheeseburger would taste if you spent nearly four decades thinking about it. 

That’s what Michael Hanline, a man who spent 36 years being wrongfully imprisoned and was recently exonerated by the Innocence Project, had been doing.

“It feels like I’m on a rocketship going through space,” Hanline, 69, said of the chance to be free.

The first thing he wanted was a burger like he had seen “in the commercials.” Accompanied by his defense team from the Innocence Project, Michael finally gets his burger at Carl’s Jr. — “the one that they showed on TV with the bacon on it.” The Mile-High Bacon Cheeseburger? “Yeah, OK. I want one of them, please.”

Off-camera, someone tells the cashier to make Michael’s combo order as big as possible. “Just go as big as they go.”

The video below, of Michael biting into a half-pound burger with great relish, will make you more emotional than you ever thought possible of a cheeseburger.