This Man Traded His iPhone for a Bite of Pepperoni Pizza

It wasn’t even a whole slice of pizza
Man Trades iPhone for Pizza


“The pizza was outstanding and I would do it all again.”

What would you do for pizza? This man traded his iPhone for just one bite.

Allan Banning was one of about 200,000 attendees of a Scottish music festival called T in the Park. The festival was held from July 10 to 12 this year.

Music festivals can be exhausting — everyone is dancing and sweating, and it’s important to eat and drink water to stay fueled. So when someone offered Banning a bite of pepperoni pizza, he said yes — but had to pay a price.

Banning took to Facebook after he traded his smartphone for pizza, asking Facebook friends if anyone was selling an iPhone 5. He said, “If anyone on here is selling an iphone 5 or better please let me know… Swapped mines at titp last week for a bite of pepperoni pizza. If you’re not selling one feel free to leave a wide comment, regards.”

We hope that he was able to find a new iPhone 5. He apparently tweeted later that he had “no regrets,” saying “The pizza was outstanding and I would do it all again.”

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