Man Throws 13-Foot Python Into Sushi Restaurant

Employees say the man yelled obscenities, threw the snake down, and began fighting with customers

The suspect was arrested for making criminal threats.

Rather than write a strongly-worded Yelp review, a man in Studio City, California, expressed his distaste for a sushi restaurant, Iroha Sushi of Tokyo, by throwing a 13-foot python into the restaurant.

CBS Los Angeles reports that the incident began after the man dined at the restaurant and paid for a $200 meal. After showing some of the customers a smaller snake and being told to take it out of the restaurant, 46-year-old Hiroshi Motohashi got angry and returned to the restaurant with a larger snake.

Waitresses from the restaurant say Motohashi came into the restaurant yelling obscenities before throwing the snake down. He refused demands to remove the snake from the restaurant. 

The police and animal control were called to the scene. The police arrested Motohashi for making criminal threats and the snake was taken away by animal control, despite its attempts to slither away.


No one was harmed from the incident.