Man Sues Washington Restaurant for Allegedly Making Him Prepay His Meal

The owner of the restaurant allegedly asked the waitress to make the man pay before he ate

Brian Eason dined at Elmer’s Restaurant in Vancouver, Washington, in December 2014.

A man is suing a restaurant in Vancouver, Washington, for making him “prepay” his breakfast last year.

Brian Eason filed a lawsuit against Elmer’s Restaurant, alleging that they forced him to prepay for his meal in December 2014 because he is African American.

“The waitress explained that she was acting on instructions from the owner... the waitress apologized, acknowledging that the policy was racist but continuing to demand prepayment,” the complaint states.

Eason’s attorney, Greg Kafoury of Kafoury and McDougal, told KATU News that Eason will be suing for discrimination and is seeking $100,000 in damages.

“Your race, you carry with you, and when that becomes a source of trauma, a source of humiliation, a source of embarrassment, it's a unique feeling,” Kafoury told KATU News.

When asked about a prepay policy, Elmer’s said that no such policy exists.


“There is no Elmer’s policy requiring any guest to pre-pay for their meal,” Jill Ramos, director of restaurant support at Elmer’s Restaurant, told KATU News. “We have taken steps to ensure that the franchisee has ended this practice.”