Man Sues In-N-Out Burger For Allegedly Serving Him Meth In His Drink

A Los Angeles man is suing In-N-Out Burger after he was allegedly served methamphetamine with his burger and drink last March.

Fred Maldonado filed the lawsuit July 29 in Los Angeles Superior Court. Maldonado claims that he felt sick after drinking his beverage and discovered two capsules and a napkin at the bottom of the cup. When he returned to the restaurant to complain, the manager apologized and offered him a free burger.

The capsules were allegedly tested and found to indeed contain methamphetamine that was illegally manufactured, according to the suit. Maldonado said that he experienced nausea and severe mental distress after consuming the drink. He is seeking unspecified damages and is alleging negligence and strict liability.

In-N-Out said in a statement that they are fighting the allegations in the lawsuit. Arnie Wensinger, executive vice president of In-N-Out, said, "Customer safety is one of our highest priorities. We will vigorously defend these baseless claims."