Man Sues Heinz, Claims Ore-Ida Tater Tots Are Hiding Secret Trans Fats

A lawsuit was just filed against Ore-Ida parent company Heinz for falsely claiming that its potato products are trans fat-free

Since the FDA’s recent decision to ban all artificial trans fats in the US food supply, the spotlight has been cast on trans fats as the symbol for unhealthy, processed foods.

One California man has just filed a lawsuit against Heinz, the parent company of Ore-Ida, also known as the company that makes frozen tater tots and those potato smiley faces.He claims that Heinz has been falsely advertising that Ore-Ida French fries and tater tots do not contain trans fats, according to Law360.

The frozen potato products’ packaging states that each tot contains zero trans fats. However, according to plaintiff Troy Backus, that claim is false. He says that the potato products actually do contain the soon-to-be banned partially hydrogenated fats. Backus is demanding that all offending products be removed and that Heinz implement a corrective advertising campaign. He is also seeking unnamed monetary damages.


Last week, the FDA announced a complete ban of artificial trans fats in the U.S. food supply. If the case against Heinz is founded, then the company would have to remove those partially hydrogenated oils anyway.