Man Sells Spud Photograph for $1.5 Million

Renowned photographer Kevin Abosch is known for photographing high-definition objects in front of a black background

Flickr / 16:9clue / CC BY 4.0

Only three prints of this particular photograph are in existence.

Who knew a potato could be so valuable? Renowned photographer Kevin Abosch sold a photograph of an Irish potato for $1.5 million to a European businessman, according to First We Feast. The organic, unwashed potato was photographed with a digital camera under just one light and against a black background, giving it a larger-than-life appearance.

This style of photography, photographing a high-definition object in front of a black background, is Abosch’s signature fashion. Abosch is known for taking portraits of celebrities, including Johnny Depp, Bob Geldof, and Steven Spielberg, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

An unnamed European businessman saw the photograph hanging on Abosch’s wall when having dinner in his home. Abosch says, “We had two glasses of wine and he [the businessman] said, ‘I really like that.’ Two more glasses of wine and he said: ‘I really want that.’” The two set the price two weeks later, the most that Abosch has been paid for a piece of work that hasn’t been commissioned. Commissioned works by Abosch regularly bring him in upwards of £200,000 (~$287,000 US).

Only three different-sized prints of the portrait, entitled Potato #345, have been made. One is housed in a museum in Serbia, one is displayed in Abosch’s private collection, and the other has found a new home with the European businessman.

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