Girl Scout Cookies

Man Rips Off Girl Scouts With Counterfeit $100 Bill

Incident occurred outside of a Costa Mesa, California, grocery store
Girl Scout Cookies

Suspect left with $75 change in exchange for the fake bill.

This is what we would call a do-si-don’t. On Sunday night, an unknown man ripped off a group of Girl Scouts that were selling cookies outside of a grocery store in Costa Mesa, California.

The suspect, who is still on the loose and has not been identified, used a counterfeit $100 bill to purchase five boxes of cookies, and walked away with $75 in change, according to the Los Angeles Times.


The troop was not immediately aware of the fake bill. It was later discovered by a parent, who called the police an hour after the incident. The Orange County Register reports that the police do not have a description of the suspect that they can release, but have stressed the importance of spotting fake bills before accepting cash.