This Man Drove 870 Miles Just to Get His Wife Some KFC

One man drove 870 miles and spent nearly $600 in gas and fried chicken just to get his wife KFC for their anniversary

You can’t take KFC for granted when you live just south of the Arctic Circle. 

Mike and Angela Johnson are two of KFC’s biggest fans — so much so that they indulged in the fast food fried chicken at their wedding, and during every subsequent anniversary. But what do you do when your town’s only KFC shuts down and you live in the secluded and icy Canadian Northwest Territories just below the Arctic Circle? Why, you drive 870 miles and spend almost $600 in gas and food just to get KFC for your wife on your 15th anniversary.

That’s exactly what Mike Johnson did for his wife; now that’s what we call greasy true love.

When their favorite KFC restaurant located in their small city of Yellowknife — the capital of the Northwest Territories — shut down, Mike noted that the nearest location of their favorite fast food restaurant was 435 miles away, in Fort Smith on the border of the Northwest Territories and Alberta.

“So during March break, me and my son got up early one morning, drove 700 kilometers, picked up 15 buckets of KFC and drove 700 kilometers back — in one day,” he told The Epoch Times.


Of course, since he ordered a whopping 15 buckets of chicken, it took a little while. But Johnson said it was worth the wait and every penny to make his wife happy.