Man Buys Sea Turtles to Set Them Free

Arron Culling and a coworker have bought and released 10 sea turtles thus far
Sea Turtle

New Zealander found live sea turtles at his local market and took action.

When New Zealand man Arron Culling saw live sea turtles at a Papua New Guinea market being sold for food, he and a coworker decided to take matters into their own hands. Culling and his associate purchased the turtles and set them free.

In a Facebook post, Culling writes how he found, purchased, and released the sea turtles, posting photos of the endeavor. On the post, a friend writes, “[T]rue kiwi heart of gold right there! Turtles like that live to be older than us! Karma will come back to you when you least expect it Uncle Arron and it will be amazing!” Another writes, “The world needs more ninja turtles so good work mate!”

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The Dodo says, “By one recent estimate, over 42,000 sea turtles are legally killed each year, although hundreds of thousands more are thought to die after getting caught in the nets of commercial fishermen targeting other animals.” So far, Culling and his associate have saved about 10 turtles. Perhaps Culling’s inspiring work, which has gained so much attention, will call others to action to protect sea turtles and other wildlife.