Mama Mia, Over 44,000 Pounds of Pizza Dough and Flour Spilled on a Road in Arizona

The truck was carrying bags of pizza dough and flour that weighed about 50 pounds each
Pizza Dough


We wonder if the dough would fully cook if temperatures were hot enough.

A truck crashed near Page, Arizona, consequently spilling over 22 tons of pizza dough and flour on the road.

Officials from the Arizona Department of Public Safety said that the truck rolled on its side at about 4 a.m. on October 29 on U.S. 89, according to KXAN News.

The truck was carrying 44,500 pounds of pizza dough and flour, and each bag weighed about 50 pounds. The truck apparently struck the guardrail on the road, bounced left, and rolled on its side. DPS officials believe that speed and fatigue were factors in the crash.

No injuries were reported and the driver was cited with failure to control the vehicle.

Though this is a serious matter, we think that someone now needs to add an adequate amount of tomato sauce and cheese to the spill to make a large pizza pie. If temperatures rise, maybe it will be enough to fully cook the dough!

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