An entire glossy dedicated to bacon, pickles, and kimchi? We’ll take a subscription.

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A Magazine Dedicated Entirely to Cured Foods to Hit Newsstands This Fall

Cured Magazine will be a biannual publication dedicated to the art and science of pickling, preserving, and fermenting
An entire glossy dedicated to bacon, pickles, and kimchi? We’ll take a subscription.

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An entire glossy dedicated to cured meat? We’ll take a subscription. 

Pickling, curing, and preserving have created some of the most delicious foods known to man including pastrami, prosciutto, pickles, and, of course, our beloved bacon. It only makes sense that someone would create an entire glossy publication dedicated to these preservation techniques.

Cured Magazine is a new biannual publication, just launched by Zero Point Zero — the same media company behind Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. It will report on “the ancient techniques revolutionizing modern food & drink through the lens of science, art, culture, and travel,” according to the press release.

“Curing may be suddenly cool, but it’s the farthest thing from a fad,” said Darra Goldstein, Cured editor­in­chief and cookbook author. “Its methods trace back thousands of years, to a time when preserving food was crucial for survival. And talk about global. Myriad preservation techniques arose independently across the world, making us wonder how the ideas were planted. Also fascinating is how curing transcends the culinary, reaching both literally and metaphorically into art, fashion, and of course science.”

The magazine is set to hit newsstands this fall and will cover topics such as Christmas pickle ornaments, fermentation-themed restaurants, the importance of gut health, as well as features like a long-form narrative on a Mexican fermented corn drink.

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Jane Lear joined the project as its executive editor, and other well-known contributors include Bronwen Percival, Steven Rinella, Charles Perry, and Betty Fussell.