Lucky Family Gets Free Pizza for Life Just for Selling Their Home

The owners of an Oregon Italian restaurant were eager to win the bid on a family home, so they sweetened the deal with pizza

Free pizza? That’s a deal you can’t refuse.

The real estate market is tough, so to beat out the competition, sometimes you have to add in a little something extra: extra cheesy, that is. The owners of DeNicola’s Italian Restaurant in Portland, Oregon, helped their son Johnny Barrett buy a home near the family business by offering the owners free pizza once a month for life. And it worked.

After deciding to sell their 900-square-foot house, homeowners Rob and Holly Marsh were swamped with offers, many of which went above the $249,000 price point. How were they going to choose? The DeNicola family was very interested in the house, and had already bid $26,000 more than the initial market listing. But they wanted to be sure that the house would be theirs.

"I felt like I was in a poker game," Donna DeNicola, owner of DeNicola's Italian Restaurant in southeast Portland, told KPTV. "I'm willing to do anything because I know this market is crazy."

Initially, Donna DeNicola threw in the “free pizza for life” thing as a joke, but the creative idea worked. A large cheese pizza (which costs $16.99 at DeNicola’s) every month for the next 40 years would cost the Marshes $8,155.20. But for DeNicola, the price is worth it.


I'm going to be buying them a pizza for life, so I will know them very well,” said DeNicola. “I'll watch their kids grow up.”