Louisville Woman Allegedly Left a Toddler in Her Car to Drink and Eat Pizza

She should’ve just gone to a restaurant with drive-thru
Woman Leaves Toddler for Pizza


This woman in Louisville left an 18-month-old child in a car to get pizza and a drink.

A woman in Louisville, Kentucky, allegedly left a child in her car while she drank and ate at a pizza restaurant, according to Wave3 News. She has been given a citation to appear in court.

Nicole Urso allegedly left a friend’s 18-month-old child with the car running and a window rolled down while she ate and drank at Sal’s Pizza & Sports Pub on Lyndon Lane back in April. Police told Wave3 that the child was sitting in an unsecured car seat.

Urso asked another customer to “keep an eye” on the vehicle while she went to use the restroom and allegedly ordered a pizza and an alcoholic beverage. She was dining at the restaurant’s patio, about 30 feet away from the car.

Police received a tip from Sal’s Pizza that the child was alone in the car, and noted that the woman was smoking a cigarette and drinking when they arrived. They notified Child Protective Services of the incident.

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