This Lobster Restaurant Owner Refused to Cook a 95-Year-Old Lobster for His Customers

A Long Island restaurant found this enormous lobster and decided to pass on serving it
95-Year-Old Lobster

Screenshot from CBS

Stephen Jordan, owner of Jordan Lobster Farms, says he will not cook the 95-year-old lobster for his restaurant.

Jordan Lobster Farms in Island Park, Long Island, boasts 30,000 pounds of Maine lobsters and frozen Brazilian lobster tails for sale. So a 23-pound lobster would seem ideal to serve — but not to the restaurant’s owner.

Stephen Jordan, owner of Jordan Lobster Farms, told CBS New York that one of his fishermen found the 23-pound lobster while unloading a shipment crate on July 14. The fisherman said that there is no way to tell the lobster’s exact age, but its weight and size suggest that it is about 95 years old.

It’s rare to find lobsters that old, so instead of cooking it, Jordan decided to donate it to the Long Island Aquarium. “It’s almost like a dinosaur,” Jordan told CBS. “You’d like to see it continue on and I think they would take good care of it.”

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The lobster came from the Bay of Fundy on the northeast end of the Gulf of Maine.