Little Pine’s Organic Vegan Fare Appeals to Vegans and Non-Vegans Alike

Moby, an electronic musician known for his vegan lifestyle, opens new restaurant in Los Angeles

Flickr / Aida / CC BY-SA 4.0

On why he wanted to open a restaurant, Moby says, “You have that ability to cultivate a space where people can come in and eat organic food and be happy.”

Singer-songwriter Moby trades the Lower East Side for Los Angeles in his new restaurant venture, Little Pine. Moby previously co-founded a vegan teahouse called TeaNY, of which he is no longer involved.

Little Pine distinguishes itself among other restaurants in L.A., which Moby dubs “the vegan capital of the world” in being 100 percent organic. Moby says, “A lot of the vegan restaurants here are really remarkable, but in order to stay in business they only use organic products sparingly.”

The restaurant features Mediterranean-inspired comfort dishes and Scandinavian-mod décor, aligning with Moby’s vision of “a modern but unpretentious place with a great line list and great beers. Basically, a vegan restaurant that would easily appeal to non-vegans.”

On the inspiration for Little Pine’s menu developed by Moby and chef Kristyne Starling, Moby tells Well+Good, “When I go out to dinner with my friends, I don’t want to eat the food I can make at home. [I realized] the menu needs to be fun and a little bit experimental, but ultimately really satisfying.”

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Moby has chosen not to include any parenthesis or disclaimers to indicate that the meats and dairy products featured in the menu are vegan. Moby says, “I didn’t feel the need to put quotes around any of these things, because we’re not serving fake sausage; we’re serving sausage made from non-meat [ingredients].”