A Little Caesars Pizza in Ferguson, Missouri, Reopens 11 Months After Michael Brown Protests

The building was one of 18 burned down during protests in the St. Louis suburb

This is the second time that this particular franchise had to rebuild and reopen shop.

A Little Caesars Pizza franchise in Ferguson, Missouri, has reopened on October 26 for the second time in four years.

Doyle Beck, owner of the Little Caesars store, first had to rebuild his store in 2011 after a tornado passed through. Last November, rioters protesting the Michael Brown jurisdiction burned down the pizza shop when they found out that the grand jury did not charge Officer Darren Wilson.

Brown, a teenager in Ferguson, was shot to death by Wilson in August 2014, and residents took to the streets to protest and riot against the police. On November 24, the grand jury ruled that they would not indict Wilson, prompting more rioters to protest in the St. Louis suburb.

Beck reopened his restaurant and is now back in business.

“It's been a long road, but we're here and we're excited about it,” Beck told St. Louis Today. “We’re looking forward to great days in the future.”


The pizza chain’s insurance covered most of the cost to rebuild and reopen, and Beck received a portion of the St. Louis County distribution of $500,000 to remove the burnt remains of the buildings. There were a total of 18 buildings that were destroyed on November 24.