Krispy Kreme Japan’s Valentine’s Day Offerings Look as Delicious as They Are Sadly Unattainable

These six doughnuts are available through February 14
Krispy Kreme Japan

Image courtesy of Krispy Kreme Japan

Offerings include Belgian Chocolate & Caramel, Fondant Chocolat Strawberry, and Fondant Chocolat Marshmallow doughnuts.

Not to be outdone by the limited-time Valentine’s Day offerings at U.S. Krispy Kreme stores, the chain in Japan is offering six doughnuts of its own, which are available now through Valentine’s Day, February 14. The lineup includes two heart-shaped filled doughnuts, and they are all beautifully decorated.

The flavors are Cassis & Orange Jelly, Belgian Chocolate & Caramel, Fondant Chocolat Marshmallow, Crushed Granola, Coconut Chocolate Cake, and Fondant Chocolat Strawberry. Brand Eating describes the Fondant Chocolat as a “chocolate heart-shaped donut filled with dark Belgian chocolate cream, topped with chocolate icing, crumbled graham crackers, marshmallows, and a chocolate drizzle.” The other heart-shaped doughnut, Fondant Chocolat Strawberry, is topped with dried strawberries and strawberry chocolate curls.

The doughnuts are being sold for 250 yen (~2.23 USD) each. A Strawberry Chocolate beverage is also on offer, presumably another seasonal item.

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