Knorr to Donate 1 Million Meals on World Food Day

Invites people around the world to share food emojis and donate
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Share a meal emoji with the hashtag #ShareAMeal to receive a ‘real-moji’ depicting the food emoticon and a link to donate a meal. 

Knorr is celebrating World Food Day on Oct. 16 by donating 1 million school meals for its third year in a row. Knorr has partnered with the World Food Programme (WFP) and the Global Food Banking Network.

This year, Knorr is running a social media campaign to raise awareness and encourage consumers to also donate meals. Users who tweet a meal emoji with the hashtag #ShareAMeal will receive an automated message with a “real-moji” — “a real photo perfectly matching their emoji meal” — and a link to donate a meal, according to a release.

The company worked with photographers and food stylists to bring the emoji meals to life.

Funds from the campaign will go to the Global Food Banking Network to support its network of 792 local food banks in more than 30 countries.

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“As a global food brand, we can use our scale to help address important global issues such as food security and nutrition,” said Cathryn Sleight, senior vice president of Knorr. “The #ShareAMeal mechanic makes a critical global issue relevant, shareable and topical in the news agenda and we’re hugely excited about what it can achieve. Together with the World Food Programme and The Global Food Banking Network, Knorr is investing in nutrition, giving more people the opportunity to reach their full potential and creating a community which believes in the importance of nutritious food being accessible to more people.”