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The King of Belgium Isn’t Happy About Burger King’s New Campaign

The Belgian monarchy isn’t about the fast-food chain’s latest ad campaign

Burger King’s latest advertising campaign has landed it in hot water with Belgium’s King Philippe, as the fast-food chain asked Belgians to vote online and “crown” it as the country’s true leader in preparation for its launch overseas.

According to Reuters, representatives of King Philippe reached out to the parent company of Burger King, Restaurant Brands International, and said that an image of a cartoon version of the king couldn’t be used for commerce.

“We told them that we were not happy with them using an image of the king in their campaign,” Pierre-Emmanuel De Bauw, spokesman for the king, told Reuters.

In the interactive ad, Burger King prompts: “Two Kings. One crown. Who will rule? Vote now ...” If someone chooses King Philippe, the ad has responses including: “Are you sure ... ? He won't cook you fries.”

Shana Van den Broeck, a spokeswoman for Burger Brands Belgium, said there may be a chance the company will change the ad.

“We are deliberating on how to proceed,” she said. “Should we make a change to our campaign we would communicate that.”

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