KIND to Cut Added Sugar Content in Their Fruit & Nut Bars

The Fruit & Nut bars will be getting a recipe makeover

Photo Modified: Flickr/Mike Mozart/CC 4.0

KIND is updating their Fruit & Nut bars to contain 15 to 50 percent less sugar.

KIND will be reducing the amount of sugar added to their Fruit & Nut bars with new snacks that will be introduced in spring 2016.

Certain varieties of the bars will have between 15 and 50 percent less added sugar. These flavors include Apple Cinnamon and Pecan, as well as Almonds and Apricots in Yogurt, according to Food Business News. Seven of the flavors will receive recipe makeovers.

“Last year our team revisited the line that started it all for KIND, our Fruit & Nut bars, looking for ways to keep improving on a snack that was already packed with wholesome, delicious ingredients,” Daniel Lubetzky, CEO of KIND, told Food Business News.


The Food and Drug Administration announced earlier this year that the bars should not be labeled as “healthy” because of their saturated fat, low fiber, and protein content. The protein is derived from soy protein isolate, which is a highly processed ingredient.