KFC Customers in the UK Expressed Their Disappointment in Riceboxes

A spokesperson from KFC responded to people saying that the Riceboxes were not what they expected

Riceboxes are advertised to “pack more into lunch.”

KFC U.K. has a new selection of Riceboxes, which are slices of fried or grilled chicken over a bed of rice. But someone was extremely disappointed by their meal and posted a photo on Reddit to show how it did not look quite like the meal that was advertised, and KFC responded.

KFC promotes the menu item as a way to “pack more into lunch.” The Riceboxes are served in Zinger, Original, and BBQ Pulled Chicken recipes. All of the boxes have Tex-Mex rice, beans, salsa, and lettuce.

The photo juxtaposes the Ricebox advertisement and the user’s actual meal. A spokesperson from KFC saw the post and apologized for disappointing the customer.

“Clearly this Ricebox was not served as it should have been and we are in contact with the customer to apologize,” the spokesperson told The Independent.

Other KFC customers vocalized their disappointment for the Riceboxes on social media, saying that it was smaller than they expected.


“We always want our customers to be happy with both the look and taste of their food so this is very disappointing,” the KFC spokesperson told The Independent.