KFC Confuses Everybody With ‘Clean Eating Burger’ Marketing Gimmick

Is the fried-chicken chair really serving a burger made with kale on a chia seed cauliflower bun? What do you think?

It’s not even April 1st yet….

KFC sees your processed food-and-fun-free “clean eating diets” and raises you this ridiculous “clean eating burger” made with a chia seed cauliflower bun, unsweetened almond yogurt, ice cube relish, spiralized chicken breast, and kale.

The KFC UK advertisement, supposedly created in collaboration with “food blogger” Figgy Poppleton-Rice, confused a lot of KFC fans:

But if you look closer, the “ice cube relish” atop the vegetable “burger” is a tip-off that the whole thing was a joke. In fact, Figgy looks to be a figment of KFC’s imagination, too. Her Instagram account is less than a week old and filled with otherwise ridiculous over-the-top health claims, like this “yummy on the go snack” that’s essentially seeds placed on top of plaster.


Thankfully, it seems like we’ve been had, and KFC will continue serving regular-old, decidedly non-clean-eating fried chicken.