KFC Canada Has a Chicken Bucket That Prints Out Photos

Say fried chicken!
KFC’s Chicken Bucket Printer

Screenshot from KFC Canada's video

There are no details on whether KFC Canada's chicken bucket photo printer will actually be sold to customers.

Have you ever had that dilemma where you wanted to eat fried chicken, but you needed a way to remember the experience forever? Behold: KFC’s Memories Bucket.

KFC Canada made a video called "KFC presents: Bucket Science to showcase what they’re calling the Memories Bucket. The idea is that KFC customers order a bucket of fried chicken, take a photo on their smartphone, and print out a Polaroid photo from the bucket.

It seems that the printer and phone connect via Bluetooth. All you have to do is press the “Snap” button and the Polaroid-like photo prints out.

But it’s unclear whether this bucket printer actually exists or is just part of a marketing campaign. Mirror Online reached out to KFC and did not hear back with any further details on whether these printers will be available at restaurants.

KFC is celebrating its 60th anniversary in Canada, so the Memories Bucket could very well be a way to commemorate that. The video ends by just saying, “Want one?” It’s the combination we didn’t know we needed — just like that projector pizza box from Pizza Hut Hong Kong.

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