Is Ketchup Leather the Solution to Soggy Burger Buns?

Ketchup leather, with the consistency of fruit roll-ups and the taste of ketchup, is the newest weird condiment in restaurants
Is dehydrated ketchup genius or a lame gimmick?

Photo Modified: Flickr/ T.T Seng/ CC License 2.0

Is dehydrated ketchup genius or a lame gimmick?

Hey ketchup-lovers out there, don’t you hate when you slather your favorite condiment all over a juicy burger and the buns get too soggy? One restaurant in Los Angeles thinks it has the solution: ketchup leather.

Plan Check, an American restaurant in Los Angeles, has invented dehydrated ketchup that looks like fruit leather, but is actually made of dehydrated tomato paste, soy sauce, garlic, and spices. You know, solid ketchup, like that residue you find on the corner of the Heinz bottle when you have messy barbecue guests.Once the ketchup square is laid on the beef patty, it melts and rehydrates itself, becoming that viscous tomato paste we all know and love.

Ketchup leather has thus far gotten mixed reviews: Tech Insider and Mashable said that the innovation could be the “missing key” to high-quality burger enjoyment. Atlantic Monthly is more skeptical, however. Tech columnists at the magazine argue that ketchup leather is a solution to a problem that does not exist. Do you have soggy burger buns? Your meat might just be cooked too rare.