Kentucky Mom Says Everything Bagel Chips Might Have Been Reason for Positive Drug Test

The mom says she ate Stacy’s Everything Bagel Chips, which contain poppy seeds, while pregnant

Kentucky mom Holly Schulkers recently filed a lawsuit against St. Elizabeth Medical Center after being accused of drug abuse, ultimately leading to the state threatening to take her children away. Shortly after the birth of her child at the hospital in February, Schulkers was told she had tested positive for opioids; however, she says the culprit was a bag of chips with poppy seeds that she ate during pregnancy, reported.

According to Schulkers, she agreed to a second urine test and a test on the umbilical cord, but says the hospital contacted the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services before the results came back. When the second round of results came back negative, Schulkers said she wanted to fight back against the false accusation.

“I'm sure this has happened to other people,” Schulkers said. “I want to make sure it never happens to anyone else again.”

In response to the lawsuit, a spokesman said: “We cannot comment on any prospective or active litigation matters, nor would we ever comment about anyone who might be or have been our patient without their express authorization. We place a high value on all our patients' health and privacy. Rest assured, St. Elizabeth follows all necessary protocols and procedures to ensure the safety and health of all patients.”

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