Kellogg's Made A Cereal In Honor Of Queen Elizabeth II, Complete With Gold Leaf And Edible Diamonds

Queen Elizabeth II of England has been known to eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast. In honor of her status as the longest-reigning queen in the British monarchy, Kellogg's is releasing a special breakfast cereal called Queen Flakes in the U.K.

Queen Flakes will be a mix of Special K and Corn Flakes — her royal highness's favorite cereals. As a posh touch, the cereal will also be decorated with gold leaf, edible diamonds, pearls, and macadamia nuts.

The cereal fit for a queen will be available at Black Milk Cereal Café in Manchester.

A spokesperson from Kellogg's told Food Manufacture, "Despite tough competition from names such as 'Monarch Munch' and 'Liz's Loop,' we felt 'Queen Flakes' said it best."

Oliver Lloyd-Taylor, Black Milk Cereal owner, told Food Manufacture it was a "privilege" to celebrate the queen's reign with this cereal and "hilarious to be part of something so over-the-top."

Queen Elizabeth II has been a British monarch for over 63 years.