Kasich Scarfs Down Impressive Amount of Food at New York Deli Campaign Stop

Presidential hopeful John Kasich made headlines last week for eating pizza with a fork, and now he’s back for (way more) food

Kasich made up for his fork-pas by eating triple the amount of a normal human on his subsequent New York visit.

Last week, we criticized presidential hopeful John Kasich (along with the rest of New York City) for eating pizza with a knife and fork. This week, he’s preparing to erase any negative perceptions from New Yorkers by scarfing down as much food as possible.While this is a bold strategy, it’s certainly caught the attention of the Internet.

Kasich was spotted ordering two plates of spaghetti, an Italian cold cuts sandwich with mozzarella, pickles, salami, provolone, and hot peppers, as well as pasta fagioli at the classic Mike’s Deli at Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. According to witnesses on Twitter, Kasich and his squad did not order off the menu, and instead staff created the “Kasich special” for the Republican candidate, who is severely lagging behind Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in overall caucus and primary results. 

And in case you were wondering, Kasich thoroughly enjoyed his meal:


"Mamma mia," he was quoted as saying. "If I lived in the Bronx, I'd eat here every day," Kasich said.