José Andrés Is Opening a Spanish ‘Eataly’ at New York’s Hudson Yards

The celebrity chef announced his plans to open a 35,000-square-foot Spanish food hall

Imagine all of the paella and tapas you can eat.

Since Mario Batali and Joe Bastianch’s empire struck culinary gold, everyone is trying to be the next Eataly. From “Le District,” (the French Eataly) which opened in 2015, to the forthcoming Anthony Bourdain food hall (which promises to mesh Eataly’s massive size with the authenticity of a Singaporean hawker), themed food halls are the latest big thing. José Andrés is throwing his toque into the ring with the announcement of an upcoming “Spanish Eataly” that will be located at New York City’s Hudson Yards (and will presumably be in direct competition with Bourdain’s food hall located on nearby Pier 57).

Not many details are known about the 35,000-square foot project, but it’s expected to open in 2018 and will feature tapas, formal restaurants, wine bars, and more.

“It will be like [Italian-themed food hall] Eataly . . . but different. It’s more than a food hall,” an anonymous source told the New York Post. “Andrés is bringing in his Spanish friends, who will also be participating.”


José Andrés has certainly been busy lately. The Spanish immigrant chef with professional roots in Washington, D.C., has been rallying for immigrant and minority rights in the wake of the 2016 election and plans to open another restaurant in New York on Park Avenue this summer.