Johnny Rockets Heads (Back) to the Future: Will No Longer Be Retro ‘50s-Themed

The Johnny Rockets burger chain is completely overhauling its 1950s diner feel for a more modern aesthetic
Johnny is not gonna rock around the clock anymore.

Wikimedia Commons

Johnny is not gonna rock around the clock anymore.

No more jukeboxes, dancing servers, or pointy paper hats: Johnny Rockets is officially getting rid of its 1950s retro theming. The three decades-old chain just unveiled its first totally “normal” non-themed burger joint in Syracuse, New York, with more to come.

“We were showing our age. We were looking a little old; a little tired,” Chief Executive Charles Bruce told the Orange County Register. “The frequency [of foot traffic] wasn’t really good.”

The revamped Johnny Rockets burger chain, with 350 locations nationwide, will look more like a modern New York diner with sleek features. Gone are the days of the kitschy uniforms and (unfortunately) the servers who drew ketchup smiley faces on your fries. The vintage artwork will be replaced by cleaner marketing messages and décor.

“Someone dancing isn’t really relevant these days to most customers, including millennials,” Bruce continued.

The changes are meant to lift the brand’s sinking profits, which fell 4.6 percent last year.

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