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Jimi Hendrix's Family Continues to Feud Over Jimi-Branded Weed and Vodka in New Suit

Experience Hendrix LLC owns all Jimi-related rights

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The complaint alleges that Leon and others attempted to hijack trademarks and copyrights for their own personal gain.

Jimi Hendrix’s legacy still lives on, not only through his music, but also through novelty merchandise; however, not all Hendrix-inspired products are celebrated. Last week, a complaint was filed by Authentic Hendrix LLC and Experience Hendrix LLC, run by Jimi’s half-sister Janie, accusing Jimi’s brother Leon of infringing trademarks by using the musician’s likeness to promote alcohol and cannabis products.

Leon, along with business partner Andrew Pitsicalis, sells marijuana, food, liquor, and electronics under the company Purple Haze LLC, which uses Jimi’s name and likeness, Mashable reported.

According to the complaint, Leon and his company “improperly exploit the intellectual property rights of one of the greatest artists in the history of rock and roll music.”

In response to the case, Pitsicalis’ lawyer, Thomas Osinski, wrote a letter disputing the validity of the lawsuit.

"Experience Hendrix has long known of my clients’ legal and proper Jimi Hendrix products and brings this frivolous suit now only to further tarnish and interfere with Jimi’s brother Leon’s lawful and proper business that rightfully respects Jimi Hendrix’s legacy," Osinski wrote.


This isn’t the first time the Hendrix family has butted heads — last year, Leon and Pitsicalis lost a lawsuit regarding their “Purple Haze” liquor, named after one of Jimi’s songs.