The Japanese Snack Pretz Is Making Its American Debut in October

These Japanese biscuit sticks come in neat flavors like pizza, tom yum, and salad

Photo Modified: Flickr/jen/CC 4.0

Pretz will hit Asian-American grocery store shelves next month.

A popular Japanese snack is coming to Asian grocery stores and markets in America next month — Pretz.

The biscuit sticks made by Ezaki Glico come in savory flavors like pizza, salad, honey mustard, and cheese. Other flavors that will definitely be in stores include hot chili salad, tom yum, original, and sweet corn, and will cost $1.99 per pack.

Pretz is similar to the popular snack Pocky — biscuit sticks dipped in chocolate, also manufactured by Ezaki Glico. There are also Pejoys on the U.S. market, which are cream-filled biscuit snacks.

“We thought we could provide something very unique and different in the U.S.  market,” Yoko Hosoya, sales planner for Glico USA, told Food Navigator. “We see stick-shaped pretzels in the market, but we don’t really see flavored ones.”

Hosoya also said that she hopes Pretz can help to grow Glico’s brand.


“Pretz are already known, like really familiar products in Japan, consumers already know the brand name,” Hosoya told Food Navigator. “But no other companies in the U.S. have these flavors.”