It’s Official: The Newest Oreo Cookie Flavor Is Brownie Batter

The rumors are true! The latest limited-edition Oreo flavor is double-chocolate brownie batter

This Oreo cookie is for chocoholics only.

We know you’ve been waiting patiently for the latest Oreo flavor to arrive. In the past year, we’ve seen the release of s’mores, cotton candy, red velvet, and “thin” Oreos, which have a cracker-like cookie and fewer calories. But this newest flavor, Oreo brownie batter, certainly doesn’t skimp on the indulgence factor.

The product definitely smells like brownies straight from the Betty Crocker box. For this Oreo, both the cookie part and the cream filling are chocolate, a move cheered by chocoholics everywhere. The cookie itself is the one with which we’re all familiar.True to the product description, the cream filling has a thicker consistency, not unlike brownie batter, and although the taste was more reminiscent of mellow dark chocolate than real brownie batter, we still enjoyed the Brownie Batter flavor overall.


You can get the brownie batter Oreos anywhere cookies are sold for $4.49. But like most of the new Oreo varieties, these fudgy cookies will only be around for a limited time.